Sunday, November 10, 2013

Partisanship and Tyranny

The indictment and arrest of the "LDC 4" was our latest public demonstration of the extent of partisanship and tyranny which now infects our public world.

I make no claim about the guilt or innocence of any of the four men arrested on Wednesday. I only know that the "perp walk" was not SOP, but clearly intended for public consumption. If we had any doubt, the "off the record" note to local media, informing them of the when and where of the perp walk, should have removed it.

Attorney General Schneiderman cares only about self-promotion and partisan back-scratching. The charges against Bob Weisner were as vague and difficult to understand, as any I have ever seen. Again, it leaves one to wonder if the real reason behind the charges is to damage Weisner's wife, Maggie Brooks.

Whether or not any of these men is guilty, the perp walk was a disgrace. No citizen should be publicly humiliated by a government official, for what can only be political advantage. What happened to these men's right to a presumption of innocence? Who gave Schneiderman the right to act like the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Maybe he should read the Magna Carta or the US Constitution.

Presidential Prevarication

Let's face it. Our President has a problem telling the truth.

His Obamacare promises..."If you like you current policy, you can keep it. Period!"...and..."if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period!"...are now clearly shown to have been a campaign ploy.

Now he "apologizes", so to speak. What exactly is he apologizing about? It appears that he's sorry that we didn't realize he was lying in the first place. NBC's Chuck Todd, who elicited the "apology" in a recent interview, subsequently noted that he thinks that the Presedent does not believe what he said was a lie. This despite aides having been quoted (in a Wall Street Journal report) as saying they told Mr. Obama that his "you can keep" it line was not accurate.

Our President will say anything to get and keep his job and to get his way on governmental matters. You see, I guess his view is that if a statement helps him in the campaign of the moment, it must be true.

If only we had a free and unbiased media.